Benefits of ConeTech Technology

“I really like how I only need to send ConeTech a small portion of my blend to be processed!”

— Russian River Valley Winemaker

On average, the alcohol level in wine is a full two degrees higher than it was 20 years ago. Higher alcohol levels are often attributed to two factors: 1) rising temperatures in the world’s premier grape growing regions, and 2) a trend toward picking grapes at the peak of ripeness to create full-bodied, flavorful wines.

Adjusting the alcohol in wine has become a widespread industry practice. ConeTech’s technologies (The Spinning Cone Column and other proprietary thin film vacuum distillation technologies) allow winemakers much more control of the process. No other alcohol adjustment method can make the following claims.

Unique Benefits

    1) Zero Aroma/Flavor Loss — Only ConeTech offers technology that can remove alcohol while maintaining 100% of the wines aroma and flavor volatiles.

    2) Minimal Amount of Wine Processed — As a general rule, ConeTech’s technology needs to treat only 10% of an entire batch for each one degree of alcohol removed. Alternative (filtration) technologies have to subject the entire volume to processing.

    3) Distillation Under Vacuum — The SCC’s vacuum system allows for extremely low temperatures, no use of membranes, and zero pressure throughout the process.

    4) Short Residence Time — ConeTech’s technology assures the fastest processing time in the industry. Each pass through the Spinning Cone Column takes only 20 seconds and gravity does most of the work. Alcohol is adjusted with much less stress on the wine.

    5) Wine in Any Condition — ConeTech can accept wine in any condition from bottle ready liquids to slurries containing solids and high turbidity such as fermenting must. Wine can be shipped to ConeTech at any stage convenient to the winemaker.

    6) Stuck Fermentations — ConeTech’s unique technology can reduce the alcohol content of the fermenting must to a level at which the winemaker can re-start the ferment.

View our short 2-minute video to learn About ConeTech.