What kind of wines can ConeTech process?

ConeTech’s unique technologies can process all varieties of wines, including fermenting juices and wines with high dissolved CO2, solids and turbidity.

How much wine do I need to send you and how much wine will I lose?

To reduce a blend by 1% alcohol, approximately 10% of the blend’s volume is shipped to ConeTech for processing. Total blend losses are approximately 12 - 20%.

What if I don't know how much alcohol to take out?

We calculate the amount of wine to be adjusted based upon our clients final desired alcohol level. As a standard, we adjust wine down to 4% alcohol. The 4% alcohol wine is then blended back into the total wine blend to bring the wine down to our client's desired total alcohol level. For clients uncertain as to the final desired alcohol levels for their wine, we offer our complimentary Sweet Spot Services. Sweet Spot testing allows our client to sample their wine at several different alcohol levels enabling them to identify the preferred final alcohol level. If desired, we can ship wine back at any alcohol level requested, offering flexibility to both clients with minimal-sized blends and clients with large blends.

How can ConeTech help me with my stuck ferment?

ConeTech’s technologies can reduce the alcohol content of fermenting wine, bringing your fermenting wine to an alcohol level where the yeast can re-start their metabolic cycle.

What is the processing time for my wine?

In most cases the turnaround time is three days: ConeTech receives wine on Day 1, processes wine on Day 2, and ships wine back to the customer on Day 3. ConeTech offers expedited processing for clients who are in need of quick adjustments for bottling or other emergencies.

What condition is the wine in when shipped back to my winery?

Alcohol adjusted wine is shipped back at 6 degrees Celsius, with free SO2 adjusted to the client’s request and dissolved oxygen <1 ppm. We can also accommodate alternate shipping parameters (wine still fermenting for example) to meet a winemaking team’s specific needs.

What operating procedures are used in ConeTech’s cellar with my wine?

ConeTech uses industry standard cleaning and sanitation procedures to ensure that wines return to our customers in perfect condition. Our experienced cellar staff uses inert gases during all wine transfers to ensure that wines are adequately protected. Our experienced enologists oversee and audit these processes on a daily basis.

What happens to the alcohol that is removed?

The neutral grape brandy that is removed from wine via our thin film vacuum distillation technologies stays with ConeTech.

What is the cost to use ConeTech’s services?

Each job is a custom job based upon our clients alcohol reduction needs, quantities and specific requirements. Our services are priced per gallon/liter and are calculated to meet the jobs specified needs. Charges on large lots will be significantly lower than on small ones. We value our customers and offer special incentives and discounts. Please contact us and we will provide you with current incentive information and a job specific quote.

How does a job get scheduled?

To schedule a job or simply gain additional information, contact one of our Winemakers for assistance with your adjustment needs.

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