Benefits of ConeTech Technologies

As the world leader in alcohol and flavor management, ConeTech pioneered the application of the Spinning Cone Column as a method to remove alcohol from wine. Today ConeTech is the largest owner of this technology and is the exclusive distributor of a complementary patented technology and process (GoLo™).

Unique Benefits

    1) Zero Aroma/Flavor Loss — ConeTech can remove alcohol while maintaining 100% of the wines aroma and flavor volatiles.

    2) Minimal Amount of Product Processed — ConeTech’s technology needs to treat only 10% of an entire lot for each degree of alcohol removed. Alternative (filtration) technologies subject the entire volume to processing.

    3) Distillation Under Vacuum — Vacuum distillation technology allows for extremely low temperatures, no use of membranes, and zero pressure throughout the process.

    4) Short Residence Time — ConeTech’s technology assures the fastest processing time in the industry, only 20 seconds per pass.

    5) Wine in Any Condition — ConeTech can accept wine in any condition from bottle ready liquids to slurries containing solids and high turbidity such as fermenting must.

    6) Stuck Fermentations — ConeTech’s unique technology can reduce the alcohol content of the fermenting must to a level at which the winemaker can re-start the fermentation.

View our short 2-minute video to learn About ConeTech.