In 1991, ConeTech pioneered a process which has, for many hundreds of winemakers, become a standard winemaking tool. Introducing first the Spinning Cone Column with the application of Very Low Temperature Distillation (VLTD), and more recently a complementary patented technology and process (GoLo™), ConeTech made possible the removal of excessive alcohol without the slightest loss of aroma or flavor — something no other company can claim.

The skills of ConeTech’s six enologists have also complemented ConeTech’s technological leadership by developing reduced alcohol (“lifestyle”) and zero alcohol wines that surpass anything yet achieved by others in that difficult field. More recently, further improvement of its technologies and an extension of its product skills has led to ConeTech’s expansion of its services to the beer category, with the ability to create the world’s first big and full tasting ‘craft’ beers that contain low or no alcohol but do not taste like anemic imitations of the original.

Today, ConeTech operates in four of the key wine growing regions including California, Chile, Spain, and South Africa. ConeTech owns eleven Spinning Cone Columns and continues to expand into new regions and new technologies, as the mitigation of alcohol gathers importance and as recent breakthroughs have contributed to a revolutionary new service to global spirits producers.

Further distinguishing ConeTech from anyone else in its field, is its team of experts, which include dedicated winemakers, food scientists, and a distillation expert, assuring our ability to engage totally with our clients and their objectives.

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