How We Operate

“ConeTech’s service is old-school. These guys are great!”

— Russian River Valley Winemaker


ConeTech’s winemakers calculate how many gallons/liters are needed to adjust the winery’s total wine blend to the winemaker’s specified levels. Typically, ConeTech may need to have only 10% of the total blend shipped to our facility for alcohol removal. If a client is unsure of the desired final alcohol level, Sweet Spot consultation is offered free of charge at the ConeTech facility to allow this decision to be made. At the time services are requested, ConeTech will confirm a processing date for the winery.

Shipment to ConeTech

Wine is shipped to ConeTech from a client’s winery. The winery arranges shipping with a trucking company of their choice. Wine is shipped in bond to ConeTech’s Distilled Spirits Plant, DSP-CA-268. Upon receipt, ConeTech confirms the incoming gallons/liters, confirms the alcohol level and measures SO2.

Alcohol Removal by thin film vacuum distillation

Wine passes through our thin film vacuum distillation system twice. In the first pass, 100% of the wine’s volatile flavor and aromatic essence are captured and held to the side. The second pass consists of removal of the neutral alcohol from the wine. Essence is added back to the wine after the neutral alcohol is removed and SO2 is adjusted to winery specification.

Shipment Back to Winery

The client makes arrangements to have their wine shipped from ConeTech back to the winery. Wine is shipped, in bond, to the client’s bonded winery. Upon receipt at the client’s winery, the adjusted portion of wine is added back to the total blend to reduce the wine to client’s final desired alcohol level.