SCC Technology

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What Is Spinning Cone Column (SCC) Technology?

The SCC technology is the only technology to offer a gentle process that can reduce the alcohol in wine with ZERO aroma or flavor loss.

The SCC is a vertical, stainless steel column with a central, rotating shaft. 40 inverted cones — 20 rotating cones attached to the shaft and 20 stationary cones mounted on the wall of the column help gently remove the volatiles from the wine using thin film vacuum technology. Aromas are removed on the first pass through the spinning cone and stored separately to later be added back. Alcohol is removed on the second pass. Each pass takes only 20 seconds and requires only 10% of the batch for every 1% overall reduction in alcohol desired, thus ensuring minimal impact on the total blend.

How It Works

Liquid (slurry) is fed in at the top of the column and flows across the surface of the first stationary cone and then out the bottom of that cone and onto the spinning cone just below. Centrifugal force from the spinning cone creates a thin film liquid that is gently pushed up and out over the top of the second cone. The liquid drops on to the stationary cone below, and the cycle is repeated until the liquid reaches the bottom of the column. The wine completes two, 20-second passes through the spinning cone column.

As the liquid is making a first pass down through the column, low temperature vapor created by the high vacuum environment rises up from the bottom of the column, crosses the surface of the thin film liquid and captures 100% of the volatile aromas in concentrated liquid form. The concentrate flows into a separate tank for storage.

On the second pass, the alcohol is removed from the de-aromatized wine and the remaining liquid is pumped out through the bottom of the column and stored. The concentrated flavor and aroma compounds are then reintroduced in their entirety into the reduced alcohol wine.

“ConeTech is a powerful tool that has provided us with many commercial opportunities for developing new products. Furthermore ConeTech allows us to personalize products for specific markets, giving us a competitive edge.”

— Winemaker Casa de la Ermita, Spain