“ConeTech is the world leader with what I think is the most exciting modern winemaking technology.”

— David Stevens, Napa Valley Winemaker, consultant, and judge at many major Wine Fairs

“I use only ConeTech for my DeAlc needs because of their professionalism and flexibility.”

— Lake County Winemaker

“One of the last companies who define Customer Service.”

— Russian River Winemaker

“Every year ConeTech’s services are an invaluable component to my winemaking program. The ability to control my alcohol levels to showcase the optimal balance between the wine's aromatics and body without adding water or sacrificing vineyard hang time have helped elevate my wines for my customers.”

— Sonoma County Winemaker

“With all the technologies available in the wine industry to adjust alcohol levels, the Spinning Cone Column is the ideal one and I have referred countless winemakers over the years to ConeTech for their alcohol adjustment needs.”

— Sonoma County Winemaker

“I really like how I only need to send ConeTech a small portion of my blend to be processed!”

— Napa Valley Winemaker

“ConeTech’s knowledgeable winemaking staff always demonstrates a commitment to quality work. I know, that when I send them my wine, they will take good care of it.”

— Monterey County Winemaker

“During the 2015 harvest, I had a cellar full of stuck fermentations and ConeTech’s winemaking staff helped me fix them all. I was new to using alcohol adjustment and they made me feel comfortable with using the technology!”

— Napa Valley Winemaker

“ConeTech’s service is old-school. These guys are great!”

— Russian River Valley Winemaker

“I had a Zinfandel that was stuck and I needed to restart the entire blend before a holiday weekend. ConeTech moved their schedule around to accommodate my emergency and I received my product before I went on vacation. Thank you!”

— Sonoma County Winemaker

“The free sweet spotting service is great! I get to play around with the portion of wine that has been adjusted to hit my target for that particular wine and vintage. The winemakers are always available to help me with the process or any questions I might have.”

— Sonoma County Winemaker

“Our wine fortification project turned out excellent. The high proof from ConeTech was really clean and made the resulting blend a lot fruitier in the palate. I will definitely be in touch when I need to do this again.”

— Napa County Winemaker

“ConeTech is a powerful tool that has provided us with many commercial opportunities for developing new products. Furthermore ConeTech allows us to personalize products for specific markets, giving us a competitive edge.”

— Winemaker Casa de la Ermita, Spain

“We don’t want to make high alcoholic, unbalanced wine. Any tool that can produce a better wine for the consumer is a good thing. We’ve used the spinning cone on Zinfandel; it’s a marvelous technology.”

— Daryl Groom, formerly of Geyser Peak Winery

“What I’m looking for when I put together a blend is balance. And ConeTech’s Spinning Cone technology allows me to put the alcohol at a point where I think the wine is perfectly balanced.”

— Kerry Damskey, Sonoma Winemaker and Global Consultant