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As the world leader in alcohol and flavor management, ConeTech pioneered the application of the Spinning Cone Column as a method to remove alcohol from wine. Today ConeTech is the largest owner of this technology and is the exclusive distributor of a complementary patented technology and process (GoLo™).

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Wine Alcohol Adjustment

With ConeTech’s unique technology, only 10% of the total wine blend needs to be processed for each degree of alcohol reduction, and 90% of that wine is recovered during processing. Also unique to ConeTech, wine does not need to be filtered and can contain a high percentage of solids.


ConeTech offers a new solution for the elimination of undesirable characters in smoke tainted wines. ConeTech’s team of enologists and food scientists, has worked over the last year on an approach to the problem which differs in several key respects from all previously attempted solutions. The ConeTech team has developed and validated a new, unique, and proprietary method (patent pending) that drastically reduces, or eliminates completely, the volatile components that are responsible for the organoleptic deficiencies of smoke tainted wines. The process not only greatly improves smoke tainted wines but does so while protecting a wine’s most delicate aromatic compounds. Learn more.

VA Removal

ConeTech offers VA removal services alone, or in conjunction with alcohol adjustment. Our technology is the highest quality available and incredibly selective. Nothing other than the unwanted acetic acid is removed.

FSO2 Removal

ConeTech offers legal reductions of total FSO2 levels in wine down to 50ppm.

Stuck Fermentation Services

ConeTech can reduce the alcohol content of the fermenting must to a level at which the winemaker can re-start the ferment.

Sweet Spotting Consultation

ConeTech offers complimentary on-site tasting to determine the best final alcohol strength of the wine being adjusted (the Sweet Spot).

Flavor and Aroma Recovery

ConeTech can concentrate and isolate the volatile flavor profile of liquids and slurries. The oak extract industry for wine additions relies heavily on Spinning Cone technology.

Juice Concentration

When sugar accumulation is low in the vineyard, ConeTech can remove neutral water to 40 brix while allowing zero loss of flavors and aromas.

Wine Fortification

ConeTech offers 100% California neutral grape brandy at 70% abv and 85% abv.

Wine Disposal

ConeTech can dispose of unwanted/tainted wine, and can accept transfers in bond from Bonded Wineries into our Distilled Spirits Plant.

Sale of Neutral Grape Spirits

ConeTech has 60%, 70% and 85% neutral grape spirits available.

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