Smoke Taint Removal

ConeTech Offers New Solutions to Smoke Taint to The Wine Industry.

The ConeTech team has developed and validated a new, unique, and proprietary method (patent pending) that drastically reduces, or eliminates completely, the volatile components that are responsible for the organoleptic deficiencies of smoke tainted wines. The process not only greatly improves smoke tainted wines but does so while protecting a wine’s most delicate aromatic compounds. ConeTech now offers this solution to the wine industry.

Key to the breakthrough not only in removing smoke taint but validating its removal is the analytical rigor with which ConeTech has approached that challenge. During testing, more than 10 compounds were tracked including but not limited to 4 methyl guaiacol, syringol, methol p-cresyl ether, o-cresol, and o-guaiacol. All tracked compounds in ConeTech’s experimental testing have been documented to have significant relevance in smoke taint. All compounds were analyzed with extreme accuracy, to one hundredth of a part per billion.

ConeTech’s successful process relies on a multi-pronged approach that employs multiple technologies some already at its disposal such as very low temperature vacuum distillation. This completely protects the desirable and fragile volatile components that are generally completely obscured in smoke tainted wines. ConeTech then developed and employed additional hyper-selective media to aggressively target and remove the offending compounds without putting the aromatic profile of the wine at risk.

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