SpiriTech: Innovation with Tradition

TFC: 100% Premium Winemaking

SpiriTech The innovative distilled spirits service arm of ConeTech, Inc.

During ConeTech, Inc.’s 25-year history, it has become the leader in the specialized field of aroma and flavor management. The primary focus during this time has been the adjustment of alcohol in wine. ConeTech also co-founded the highly successful flavor company (Sensus, LLC) which combined multiple technologies and processes that made Sensus the leading marketer of 100% natural coffee and tea beverage flavors in the US. Sensus was sold in 2012. Beginning early 2014, ConeTech added two distilled spirits experts to its team of 6 winemakers, and began intensive R&D activity focused on the application of its technologies to the spirits industry. SpiriTech is the result of this R&D effort.

SpiriTech has perfected a proprietary process which radically alters the economics of prolonged aging of distilled spirits. With an initial focus on Bourbon, SpiriTech has developed a proprietary process that makes it possible to achieve all the benefits of barrel aging in a greatly reduced period of time (as little as 6 months). Distilled spirits whose aged characteristics have been accentuated by SpiriTech’s proprietary process are indistinguishable from spirits of comparable quality traditionally aged for many years WITHOUT any artificial acceleration of aging, or additions of any kind.

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